John Rutland, Vocals and Bass Guitar

Loose Stone

John Rutland

John Rutland of Loose Stone

John was born in North Carolina, but relocated to South Carolina when his dad went overseas in the service. His family returned to the Barnwell area where his parent's families lived. At an early age, he saw friends and family making decisions during a revival service. He decided to go forward as well, but it would be twenty years before he actually became a Christian.

John became involved with music when his family would sing together accompanied only by an acoustic guitar. Even at an early age, he was able to sing harmony and lead vocals. Later he joined band in school and played several instruments. In fact, he first saw his future wife, Kim, at a multi-school band conference. When he finally asked her for a date, he was convinced she was the one. After dating for some years, John and Kim were married and he still considers Kim his childhood sweetheart. They have two sons, Jonathan, married to Elizabeth, and Jason, married to Shelli with daughter Collins Grace.

John's first group was formed with his brother playing drums, his sister playing keyboard and John playing bass guitar. Everyone swapped lead and harmony vocals. As the years passed, he played and sang with multiple groups including playing bass for The Ruppes. While playing with Daybreak, he began to sense that God was leading him to leave the group and get serious about his songwriting. Playing music is a passion, but God confirmed this new direction in a very unique way. John spent time writing songs until God led in the founding of a new group, Loose Stone. John and Mark Griffitt toured for seven plus years until Mark decided to come off the road. John continues the ministry traveling/singing as a solo artist with Loose Stone Music.